L’ispirazione dietro The BonVant

The inspiration behind The BonVant

The term The BonVant is a contraction of the French term Bon Vivant, a term for one who has refined tastes, who loves luxury, beautiful things, good food, and good wine.
In short, a bon entendeur who really knows how to live (well)!
Our brand with the stylized and, therefore, iconic image of the peacock - an animal known for its elegance and vanity - declines the concept by shifting it to the idea of living well in terms of aesthetics and style.

The fabulous 1920s French Riviera from which we take our inspiration


In the Côte d'Azur of the 1920s, people were bon vivantes, epicureans, and enjoyed life with a real zest for life.

The French Riviera was monopolized by artists, painters, actors and aristocratic families where every whim or eccentricity was tolerated: we are talking about Pablo Picasso, Paul Robeson, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald; and also Queen Victoria, the Dukes of Windsor, Lev Nikolàevič Tolstoy.

This magical place captivated everyone. Its allure was the same as that felt by the Impressionists or the architect and painter Le Courbusier: the sea, the light, the vegetation, the climate, the history, the glitz.


The place to be in the French Riviera: the Château de l'Horizon 

The place that best reflects this era is the Château de l'Horizon, a majestic white art deco villa between Antibes and Cannes that became the summer residence of the most illustrious personalities of the time.

This celebrated mansion has remained a symbol of the beau monde on the Riviera, the epitome of a sensual, luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.

The modern bon vivant is inspired by the class of those years, is sophisticated, extravagant, loves art, beautiful things, and good company.

No one is bored with a bon vivant, just as no one is bored with The BonVant.

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